Debian-7 Installation

Debian-7 Installation

1. Prerequisites

2. Installation Part

 Insert the installation media and boot from it. Select Install (Choose Install for normal Text Install & Graphical Install for graphical steps ):

  • Then, Choose language:

  • Then select your location:

  • For an uncommon combination of language and location (like English as Language & Germany as the location), the installer might tell you that there is no locale defined for this combination; in this case you have to select the locale manually. I select en_US.UTF-8 here:

  • Choose a keyboard layout:

  • The installer checks the installation media, your hardware, and configures the network with DHCP if there is a DHCP server in the network:

  • Enter the hostname. In this example, we used, so here under hostname we enter server1

  • Enter your domain name. we have used

  • Afterwards, give the root user a password:

  • Confirm that password again:

  • Create a normal user account, eg the user Administrator with the user name administrator

  • Now we have to partition the hard disk. We simply selected Guided which will automatically created the default layout

  • Select the disk that you want to partition:

  • Then select the partitioning scheme. As mentioned before, Here we select All files in one partition

  • When you're asked Write the changes to disks and configure LVM, select Yes:

  • When finished, select Finish partitioning and write changes to disk option to continue:

  • Select Yes when asked for Write changes to disks:

  • Afterwards, your new partitions are created and formatted & system is installed:

  • Next step is to configure apt. Because you are using the Debian installation media which contains only a minimal set of packages, you must use a network mirror from below list:

  • Then select the mirror you want to use (e.g.