Ejabberd XMPP

Ejabberd XMPP

What is Ejabberd?


Ejabberd called as XMPP protocol (Extended Messaging And Presence Protocol). The Ejabberd stand for Erlang  JABBER Daemon. Ejabberd mainly written in the Erlang Programming Language.

Ejabberd is open source software under the term of the GNU.  You can run Ejabberd on multiple platforms such as UNIX, Linux, Microsoft Windows, MacOS X, Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD.

Ejabberd is one of the most popular IM Server due to its high level features.


1 ) Cross-Platform: Ejabberd able to run under Microsoft windows and UNIX derived system as LINUX, Mac OS X, FreeBSD & NetBSD.

2) Web-Administration: Ejabberd has built-in web interface for admin work,so  we don’t need any external web-server or database.

3) Distributed: We can run Ejabberd on a cluster of machines and all of them will serve the same jabber domains. if you need more capacity you can simple add new node to your cluster.

4) Fault-tolerant: we can deploy an Ejabberd as a cluster group and all node share same information so if any node goes down then we have other nodes for backup without disruptions.

5) Virtual Hosts: we can host multiple jabber domains on the same ejabberd instance. Ejabberd support multiple domains chat with multiple users chat.

6) CLI administration:  Ejabberd has command line interface where you can perform admin task.

7) Support Multiple Authentications: We can authenticate ejabberd users by using different authentication method such as LDAP, PAM, ODBC, Relational Database (Mysql, PostgreSQL), and External script.

8) Secure Communication:- Ejabberd support SASL authentication, STARTTLS encryption & old SSL for client side  encryption and STARTTLS+Dialback and STARTTLS+SSL for server side encryption.

9) IPv6: Ejabberd support both IPv4 and IPv6.

10) Statistics:– Ejabberd provide us various kind of stats like as how many users , how many users are live , how many virtual hosts .etc 


Download Ejaberd:–

 You can download latest sable release version of ejabberd at http://www.process-one.net/en/ejabberd/downloads/

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