Fire FTP- Web based ftp client plugin for firefox

Fire FTP- Web based ftp client plugin for firefox

Hello Everyone, In this post we have discuss how to use with a small firefox plugin as a ftp client.

Below are few steps to do so:-

  • Open Firefox Web-Browser & Go to Tools & then click on Add-ons, a new tab will appears.








  • On this Newly opened Tab, type fire ftp in the search box at Right top corner.








  • It will search fire ftp plugin & display it as shown below.








  • Just Click install to proceed further.








  • Once done you need to restart the browser once to make it work.
  • Now Open a new tab and type sftp://  It will make ftp plugin active








  • In below example we have created a new connection with our test machine.








  • Under Mail tab, enter hostname/ip-address, then username & password.







  • Under Connection tab select server security sftp & then press connect.







  • It got connected to the destination, Now you can upload & download files/folders. 

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