IP Address Calculator in Linux

IP Address Calculator in Linux

Hello everyone, In this post we will discuss how to use a small utility for Calculating host addresses ranges using Linux Command prompt.

We are using small utility named as sipcalc to serve our purpose.

Run below Commands:-

root@how2install:~# apt-get update

root@how2install:~# apt-get install sipcalc


Now you can use this utility as shown below:-

root@how2install:~# sipcalc

It will display network information as shown below:-


In order to check the network detail about the current running network-adaptor, you can use below command:-

root@how2install:~# sipcalc eth0


In order to deal with netmask, we have to install a small program written in C named as ‘whatmask’

Just download this package as shown below:-

root@how2install:~# wget http://downloads.laffeycomputer.com/current_builds/whatmask/whatmask-1.2.tar.gz

root@how2install:~# tar -zxvf whatmask-1.2.tar.gz

root@how2install:~# cd whatmask-1.2/

root@how2install:~/whatmask-1.2# ./configure

root@how2install:~/whatmask-1.2# make

root@how2install:~/whatmask-1.2# make install

It will finish the installation, now you can check the netmask as shown below:-



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