How to Solve booting issue in Ubuntu

How to Solve booting issue in Ubuntu

Hello Everyone, In this Post we will discuss how to solve the boot time problem with ubuntu.

Many Times we come across a situation when ubuntu freezes at boot time, We have to press Enter Key to boot the System.

To solve this out you have to made a small change in GRUB file.

If you are a no-voice user, its better you can study a bit about GRUB before making any changes.

Below are few steps to solve this problem:-

  • Here in below picture we can clearly see that the boot loader got stuck at boot time.


  • Just login to the system with root user & open GRUB configuration file with any of the editor
  • vim  /boot/grub/grub.cfg
  • Configuration file will look like the one shown below.


  • In this file there will be a setting as  set timeout=-1 as shown below


  • Change this setting with set timeout=0 as shown below


  • Now Save this file & run a command grub update  then after that reboot your system, Now It will not freeze at boot time.

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